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2. Catterns 2019

Our Catterns event took place on 16th November 2019 at Formby Methodist Church. This year we were celebrating our 40th Anniversary. Although we are a lace making group, at Catterns, we always try and do something new. This year we had a workshop on Block and Screen Printing run by Colette Whittington. 

As usual we ran a themed competition - this years theme was 'Ruby'.

A commemorative pattern book was also developed using patterns our members had previously designed with help from our tutor, Susan Roberts. Members could also purchase a Commemorative Bobbin.

Competition entry table
Competition table with WLL banner

40th Anniversary Cake

Examples of lace made in last 12 months
Anniversary pattern book and examples of designs included

40th Anniversary Commemorative Bobbin
Colette Whittington preparing block printing session

Blocks for printing
Block printed bag
Block printing

Block Printing
Block Printing
Block Printing
Screen printing
Screen printing
Screen printing
Members have a go
Fun with screen printing
Screen print on bag
Screen print
Winning competition entry
Winner awarded Stan Hill Trophy
Prize winner collects her prize Bobbin at 
January meeting